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Automatic Website Builder is the most advanced automatic web page generator and AdSense site builder for creating
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27 February 2015

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This software lets you build websites automatically for various purposes.

Creating professional looking and stylish websites is possible with this software tool. You can create any number of these websites and be able to add new content, update existing pages, integrate new modules, publish new pages etc. In other words you are able to update and manage websites through this tool. There are several ways to build revenue in the Internet. You have to increase traffic to your sites and have many sites that can carry ads. Having a large number of sites increases the probability of both traffic and ad revenue. To be up on the search engines and hence higher traffic, you have to have good content, frequently changing/updated content etc. Using images lets you make your content interesting. If these could be done automatically, then there`s nothing like it! Otherwise managing a large number of sites could be backbreaking work.

This software builds AdSense ready sites, It has AdSense Ready Templates that is used to create sites automatically. having multiple such sites increase your revenue stream, as you are aware these are micro revenues that you collect through clicks on the ads displayed., Automatic blogs are created, so that you can have a large number of them and manage new posts published frequently. The software is able to publish interesting posts, quality articles, fresh news stories as well as images and photos, YouTube videos, social bookmarks, link exchanges, contact forms, user comments all such activities that help building traffic and/or increase revenue are taken care of. One word of caution though, results can vary wildly depending on specific products/services, keywords you are promoting, exact content published and so on. So, it is best not to look at this as the silver bullet, but give it a try and use it as another tool in your toolkit.

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Automatic Website Builder is the most advanced automatic web page generator and AdSense site builder on the market for creating, publishing, managing and monetizing new and existing websites with the help of Google AdSense and other pay-per-click and affiliate programs. Equipped with innovative features that are not available anywhere else, our automatic website generator enables you to build self-updating blogs, profitable pay-per-click pages, undetectable cloaking portals, affiliate directories and other types of top-quality websites for virtually unlimited revenue.
Unlike similar tools, this AdSense site builder isn't just a package of static, AdSense-ready sites with duplicated, low-quality content that is already used by thousands of other webmasters. It's a sophisticated auto website builder designed for publishing high-quality, user-friendly, search engine-optimized websites that contain only unique content and are fully compatible with Google AdSense (and other affiliate programs) terms of service.
Automatic Website Builder
Automatic Website Builder
Version 3.2
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